5 Common Types of REAL ESTATE FRAUD

When hundreds of thousands of dollars is on the line, fraud and scams are going to be close by too, which I why I'm sharing 5 common types of real estate fraud in today's video.  

These aren't the only kind of scams and fraud you'll run into but these are the most likely real estate scams you'll likely run into. So make sure to watch this and take notes. I give you tips on how to look out for them,  how to report them, and more.  

Don't be another fraud victim or scam statistic on the FTC websites. Watch this video on real estate scams and get a step ahead of the criminals and thieves.  

I hope you enjoy this video and as always, if you need a Knoxville real estate agent, call me. I am a Top Producing Knoxville Realtor and know I can bring you an incredible service-focused experience. Whether relocating here or selling a house here, I'm your man.  

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