Best Places to Live in Tennessee

Tennessee is a big state. In fact, it's the is the 36th largest by area and the 16th most populous of the 50 states. So in this video, I'm going to help you decide where is the best place to live in Tennessee and we're getting started right now.

Majestic mountains, rolling hillsides, southern charm, and MUSIC are just a few of the things that Tennessee tends to bring to mind. Tennessee is known for its boundless appreciation of country music, bluegrass, and rock and roll, home to the origins of many of our favorite genres and artists.

Yet, despite it being touted as “the Music Capital of the world”, that’s not the only thing that Tennessee has to offer. If you happen to be contemplating a move to Tennessee, this guide will help you explore all that Tennessee has to offer and everything that you will need to know before packing up your belongings and buying a home here.

Will Tennessee be the right move for you? Let’s find out!

Each city in Tennessee has its own special spark of appeal, the community vibe, and amenities. Which option is best is hard to say and likely different for each individual person. We suggest making a list of your needs and wants. For example, is a high-quality educational system important? Or is having a vibrant local nightlife more appealing?

Consider asking others online in your social circle who may live or have made the move to the area. Ask them about what they like best/least, and what they wish they would have known prior to making the move. This simple task can help you uncover aspects you may not have initially thought about.

Despite the different areas of appeal, there is one thing that will always remain the same — the sweet vibe of Southern hospitality!

With that in mind, and in no particular order, let’s take a look at the best places to live in the state of Tennessee!

Nashville — The Place To Start New

Nashville is known for its high quality of life, amenities, attractions, culture, and comparatively low cost of living when looking at other major cities in other states; which is great for those who are looking for a fresh start!

Nashville is proud of their home-style Southern cooking (specifically their famous spicy fried chicken) as well as their breweries and craft beer! And if you happen to love music, then don’t even hesitate to check out Nashville’s amazing free live music festivals and famous outdoor concerts!

Aside from the endless amounts of year-round events, Nashville also happens to be a friendly city for those who are looking to launch and grow their business or career. But even if you’re not an entrepreneur, Nashville’s rapidly growing job market will make your move to the Music City that much easier when it comes to kickstarting your life with a new job!

Knoxville — A Popular ‘After-College’ Destination
Not sure where to go after graduating from college? Well, look no further than Knoxville, TN! Known as the “happiest city to work in,” Knoxville has affordable housing and transportation and a low cost of living, two of the primary reasons it recently landed on the list of the “top 10 cities for economic growth and college grads”!

And if you happen to have a strong love for the water, then you will love the fact that the Tennessee River starts right in Knoxville, giving you endless exciting watersports and outdoor activities to choose from —  whether you rent a canoe, take a paddleboat ride along the river, hop on a jet ski, or fight the waves on a kayak, Knoxville gives you everything you can think of when it comes to those warm water activities!

But you don’t have to be into water sports to enjoy this vibrant city. The Downtown Renaissance area has amazing new shops, restaurants, bars, and good old southern entertainment! Knoxville is the city where you are just as happy working as you are having fun!

Johnson City — The Place To Start A Family
If you’re looking for a location that is great for raising a family, then Johnson City is the spot for you! The housing may be on the expensive side, but the affordable rent options is what makes Johnson City perfect for those broke after college years. Surround yourself with other young, family-oriented professionals who are working their way into the world right after college. This city is filled with parks, waterfalls, mountains, rivers, and lots of unique history and art! So settle down in the secured town of Johnson City where the cost of rent won’t throw you into debt!

Chattanooga —The Place To Grow Your Business
Chattanooga is known as the “gig city” of Tennessee, and its entrepreneur-friendly nature is what attracts many individuals to this interesting area of startups and business! With its fast-growing tourism sector, technology, and metro areas, Chattanooga is an energetic yet peaceful city that will boost your business inspiration and motivate you to follow that path to business success!

Aside from its passionate and eclectic vibe, Chattanooga is filled with an entertaining nightlife of camping, cave exploration, upscale shops and boutiques, and of course, their coffee and cafés! After all, what better way to kickstart the hustle and grind of entrepreneurism than with a world-famous cup of Chattanooga coffee!

Memphis, Tennessee — The Bonus Location!
There are songs about it, articles glorifying it, and people constantly talking about it…welcome to Memphis, TN — the “home within your home”!

Memphis is a unique paradise location, starting with its impressively low cost of living. In fact, whether you’re thinking about renting or buying, the cost of living in Memphis is 18% lower than the national average as a whole! And if you happen to be raising a family, it’s good to note that the schooling system exceeds the national standard of education, all the way through college! The city also recognizes the importance of athletics in education, so if you happen to be an aspiring athlete, these schools won’t let you down!

As you may or may not know, Memphis is the birthplace of rock and roll music and is also known for its amazing inspirational festivities — from BBQs to fine dining, to music festivals and a wild outdoor nightlife, Memphis is the city of education and athletics as well as the hotspot for non-stop excitement, culture, and old fashioned American history!

I hope this video helped clear some things on what the big city life is like here in TN. I hope you enjoyed the video. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.